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Remember to have your system inspected annually.
  1. What are fire sprinklers and how do they work?
    Fire sprinklers are used together with a water supply and piping to provide an adequate quantity and pressure of water (an extinguishing agent) to a fire. The fine spray of water is applied earlier than of hose streams from responding fire engine companies, which allows occupants more time to escape, protects a building, and reduces fire or water damage to its contents and to surrounding structures.
  2. If one sprinkler goes off, don't they all go off?
    No. Only the sprinkler over the fire will activate. When the heat of a fire raises the sprinkler to its operating temperature, usually between 135°F to 175° F, the fusible link or frangible glass bulb will break, dislodging a plug and opening the orifice so that water can spray out.
  3. Why do I need fire sprinklers if I have a smoke detector?
    Smoke detectors only provide a warning of sound indicating the presence of smoke. However, from the time a smoke alarm may operate, it is only a matter of minutes to get out alive. Heat from a threatening fire can activate a sprinkler head, slowing the progress of a fire and confining it to its place of origin, or putting it out altogether. The result is that you and your family have more time to escape and your valuable property is better protected.
  4. Do Fire Sprinklers help with my insurance?
    Because home fire sprinklers are effective, they may help reduce insurance claims. Many insurance companies offer special discounts to homeowners that have an approved fire sprinkler system installed in their home. Check with your insurance policy carrier to find out if you are eligible for any such benefits.


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